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Devbuddy is not just a Unity Development studio; we work behind the scenes to create exceptional products loved by millions worldwide. From original game development to cross-platform support, console porting, VR & AR development, educational applications, and everything in between, we offer unmatched experience and exceptional standards to bring your ideas to life.

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"I had the pleasure of working with Wyatt Thornbury and his team at DevBuddy on three different projects: A virtual reality music concert and two different game titles. Wyatt and his team were integral to the design and development of everything from information architecture to gameplay mechanics and individual features. I highly recommend Wyatt and DevBuddy for any/all interactive products/experience with which you and your team(s) need assistance."

Peter "Tony" Chiodo

CEO Graffiti Entertainment

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Expertise & Experience

At DevBuddy, we pride ourselves on our deep-rooted expertise in Unity development, honed through extensive hands-on experience across a spectrum of gaming projects. From conceptualization through to execution, we ensure every project is crafted to the highest standards, leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative design principles.

Our Team

At DevBuddy, our developers lead the way in Unity-based game development. With deep-rooted expertise and a comprehensive mastery of gaming principles, our team consistently pushes the boundaries of what's possible.

Our Promise

Your success is our mission. At DevBuddy, we pledge to deliver not just on time and within budget, but with a level of quality that elevates your project beyond the ordinary. Choose us as your development partner and experience a game development process where excellence is built in from start to finish, and your vision is treated with the reverence it deserves.

Meet the Experts Behind Your Success

At DevBuddy, our team is more than just skilled professionals; each member is equipped with a deep understanding and a passion for game development. Our commitment extends beyond merely meeting deadlines and budgets—we focus on exceeding expectations and bringing your gaming concepts to vibrant life. Discover the dedicated experts committed to making your project a resounding success.

Justin Tollison

Project Manager

Your go-to guide for ensuring your project sails smoothly from inception to completion. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to timelines and budgets, Justin excels in coordinating the multiple facets of game development.

Kristofer Street

Senior Developer

Renowned for his versatile skill set and exceptional ability to craft player-centric experiences. His dedication to understanding and enhancing the player journey makes him an invaluable asset to our game development process.

Ryan Foley

Senior Systems Developer

Excels in architecting robust and flexible systems that streamline content integration. His expertise ensures that our game development process is both efficient and scalable, keeping us on track for our deliveries.

Emilia Hezer

General Manager

A master orchestrator behind the scenes, Emily helps steer DevBuddy alongside CEO Wyatt. With her strategic foresight and operational acumen, she ensures that our studio not only meets but exceeds every expectation.

Jeramy Zapotosky

Senior Engineer II

A veteran in the industry, began his journey with Wyatt at their first job and has since continued to develop his skills, shipping many titles along the way. With over a decade of experience, Jeramy brings an unparalleled level of expertise and insight to the team, contributing significantly to our success.

Skyler Alvarez

Senior Engineer II

An exceptional technical developer, has collaborated with CEO Wyatt on numerous projects, showcasing a strong partnership. With over 8 years of development experience, Skyler's expertise and innovative approach make a significant impact on our team's success.

Kent Williams

Developer II

Our senior Indonesian developer, stands out for his extraordinary work ethic, seemingly finding more hours in the day than anyone else. His unyielding drive to enhance his programming skills ensures that he continuously brings innovation and excellence to our projects.

Cameryn Earhart


Newest addition to our team, is rapidly ascending the ranks with his unwavering dedication to programming. Before joining DevBuddy, he dabbled in professional E-Sports, showcasing his deep understanding of competitive gaming dynamics, player engagement, and extreme passion to be the best.

Bonita Suksangdow

Social Media Manager

A true social media guru, Bonita has grown her personal audience to over 50,000 follows. We are excited to see how this expertise will help DevBuddy provide value to developers and the industry as whole.

Highlighted Projects

Don't settle for anything less then exceptional.

How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World VR Experience

Have you ever wished you could ride alongside Hiccup and Astrid on the back of a dragon, soaring high in the sky and swooping over incredible landscapes? Walmart and DreamWorks Animation are making this a reality – a virtual reality – through an exclusive, first-of-its-kind immersive V-commerce activation tied to the upcoming theatrical release of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

- Optimized Rendering of Film assets for use in Unity and VR. Created solution that allowed a scene with 1.7 BILLION triangles to run at 90 FPS. (Patented)
- Created a custom Fog solution using custom HLSL & CG code that hooked into Unity timeline to give artists fine control of environment look and feel.
- Developed a solution that allows Unity Timeline to output data to control external fans to give VR users more agency in the environment. (Patented)

3 Months
Delivered on Time

Swords of Secret

Devbuddy built out a technical MVP for Swords of Secret, a captivating, geolocation-based adventure with dynamic combat and an engaging storyline, complete with quests and NPCs that draw players into the world. This included a robust technical architecture utilizing Playfab, Mapbox, and Lightship to create a system similar to Pokemon GO. The game consists of epic quests that lead to real-world rewards near the user's location, encouraging exploration and discovery of new areas.

- Cloud based content, accounts, & rewards

- Fully Developed Point of Interest System (Similar to Pokemon Go)

- Dialogue and Questing Systems

2.5 Months
Delivered on Time

Voxie Tactics

Devbuddy worked with vendor Future House Studio to successfully ported the custom C++ project into the Unity Engine for the Voxies team, enabling access to a significantly larger pool of community tools and talent. Our team meticulously ported the project on a 1-to-1 basis with the original codebase, ensuring that the game remained intact and familiar to players. Following the successful port, we handed off the project to the Voxies team of Unity developers, empowering them to focus on what they do best: creating an exceptional game.

3 Months
Delivered on Time

Sonic 30th Anniversary Concert ft. Steve Aoki

Devbuddy managed animation import and diagnosis, creative vision for characters, tool creation, and synchronized character sequences to match pre-recorded music beats. Despite a challenging timeline, we successfully delivered 1 hour of meticulously synced and tailored sequences.

- 14 day timeline was extremely tight

- Created fully hand authored 1 hour show using minimal animations and creative direction

- Leveraged custom Timeline Playables to create seemless movement & animation blends

Streamed Event
14 Days
Delivered on Time

What Our Clients Say

"Wyatt has an exceptional mind for engineering and his approach shows his expertise in game development. I've worked with Wyatt many times and his team has delivered exceptional contributions to our projects."

Tim Prior

CEO & Producer, ArcanForge

"I had the pleasure of working with Wyatt Thornbury and his team at DevBuddy on three different projects: A virtual reality music concert and two different game titles. Wyatt and his team were integral to the design and development of everything from information architecture to gameplay mechanics and individual features. I highly recommend Wyatt and DevBuddy for any/all interactive products/experience with which you and your team(s) need assistance."

Peter "Tony" Chiodo

CEO Graffiti Entertainment

"As a startup, it's crucial for us to iterate and build quickly. DevBuddy has helped us meet important deadlines by delivering key features over several projects, which has been tremendously beneficial, especially since our team runs very lean."

Steven Yang

CEO, Future Fest

"Devbuddy has been a great resource for us. They've provided skilled development and support, which has given us the flexibility we need to assign our core team members where they're most useful."

Chris Cantwell

CEO, Quantum Realm Games

"Wyatt and the team at DevBuddy are very capable engineers with a deep knowledge of making games. They work fast!"

Adam Sidwell

CEO, Future House Studios

Your Project Journey in 4 Simple Steps

1. Initial Consultation

The first step begins with you. Share your vision, requirements, and expectations with us during an in-depth consultation. We'll discuss timelines, budgets, and the scope of work to ensure we're aligned with your goals.

2. Project Planning

Based on your inputs, our expert team will draft a comprehensive project plan. This will include milestones, deadlines, and a detailed budget breakdown. You'll have the opportunity to review and approve this plan before any work begins.

3. Development & Updates

Once the plan is set, our team swings into action. We'll keep you in the loop with regular progress updates and milestone reviews, ensuring that the project aligns with your expectations at every step.

4. Final Delivery

After rigorous testing and quality assurance checks, your polished Unity project is ready for launch. We'll deliver the project on time, within budget, and in line with the high-quality standards we promise.

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